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Radio and Television Interview Questions


Announcer: “Is your world crashing down on you? Are you feeling depressed and overwhelmed lately? Have you been coping or thriving in the face of adversity? Having trouble getting up in the morning? Our guest is an expert in overcoming adversity. Five years ago, her world literally came crashing down on her. Stay tuned for her story and lessons to live by.”


"Tell me what happened that caused your injury."

"Tell me how you made it back."

"What is it like having a spinal cord injury?"

"What have you learned from this experience?"

"How has this experience changed you?"

"What advice do you have for our listeners?"

"You've been an inspiration to many. What inspires you?"

"What was a turning point in your recovery?"

"Tell us about your new book "Take Back Your Life!"

"Who are the audiences that you speak to?"

"How did you get through this experience?"

"Who helped you get through this?"

"How has your life changed?"


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