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Publication Year = 2007
  Release Name Date Published
  “Roll Models” and Designer Wheelchairs Add New Spin to Famed New York Fashion Week    January 10, 2007   
Publication Year = 2006
  Release Name Date Published
  National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness at the OSU - Penn State Football Game    September 13, 2006   
Publication Year = 2005
  Release Name Date Published
  Rosemarie Rossetti Ph.D. in collaboration with Enabled Online Announces the Release of “Enabled in Words”    May 27, 2005   
Publication Year = 2004
  Release Name Date Published
  Ms. Wheelchair Ohio, of Columbus, to Compete for National Crown    July 9, 2004   
  Ms. Wheelchair Ohio, to be Grand Marshall of this year’s 151st Ohio State Fair Parade    July 24, 2004   
  Rosemarie Rossetti Receives Proclamation from Ohio House of Representatives    June 3, 2004   
  Rosemarie Rossetti Crowned Ms. Wheelchair 2004    March 20, 2004   
  Lowering Expectations Reduces Stress    January 10, 2004   
Publication Year = 2002
  Release Name Date Published
  Local Woman Wins Remarkable Women Award    September 9, 2002   
  Insight Publishing Announces Mission Possible! Book Series & Radio Program    February 8, 2002   
  Rossetti Featured at American Farm Bureau Convention    January 7, 2002   
  Rosemarie Rossetti Carries the Olympic Torch    January 3, 2002   
Publication Year = 2001
  Release Name Date Published
  Rosemarie Rossetti Candidate for Ms. Wheelchair America-Ohio Pageant    December 12, 2001   
  Rosemarie Rossetti Selected to Carry the Olympic Torch    October 4, 2001   

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