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Pre-Program Checklist for Rosemarie's Presentation

The purpose of this checklist is to provide you with a summary of things to do that will assist us greatly in presenting the very best program possible for your group. Please review it carefully! We appreciate your attention to detail. If you have any questions, please call 614-471-6100 or e-mail:


A - Customization and Program
Please send us any information that will increase Rosemarie’s understanding of your company or organization, products, people and problems. Include a copy of your industry magazine, history, newsletter, product brochures, or job descriptions. Also provide your organizational mission and goals for the future. This will help Rosemarie create a presentation that fits your specific needs.
Answer and forward the Pre-Program Questionnaire to Rosemarie (click here)
Please send a copy of the program (if applicable) that will be used for this event.
B - Staging and Ramping for Keynotes/Workshops
Platform/Stage - With groups of 50 or more, Rosemarie is more visible on a raised platform/stage so everyone, including those in the back row, can see and enjoy her presentation. Minimum stage size is 6 feet x 12 feet (1.8288 meters x 3.6576 meters). Preferred stage size is 12 feet by 24 feet (3.6576 meters x 7.3152 meters). Do not position the center of the stage in front of the screen. Position the screen on the left side (from the audience's view), in the back corner. Rosemarie speaks from center stage and does not want to block the view of the visuals.
Realize that as the stage gets higher, the ramp will need to be longer in order for Rosemarie to wheel herself on stage. Lighting should be positioned on the center of the stage, where Rosemarie will be speaking, and off the screen.
To assist Rosemarie to see the front, sides and back edges of the stage, please outline the floor of the stage in a brightly colored tape (white, yellow, orange, pink) that contrasts with the color of the stage. This will help prevent her from rolling off any of the edges of the stage while she is speaking.
Stages and ramps can be obtained from the facility where the event is being held, or event planning companies can be contacted. Stages generally can be rented in 8" increments.
Recommended Stage Heights
Audience Size Stage Height
50 - 75 people 1' (12")
75 - 200 people 2' to 2.5' (24" to 30")
200 - 800 people 3' (36")
800 - 1,500 people 4' (48")

Ramp or Lift - Provide a 3 foot wide ramp to the stage so Rosemarie can roll up and down independently in her wheelchair. For each inch of stage elevation, there needs to be at least one foot of ramp length. For example:
12" high stage requires 12 feet of ramp length
18" high stage requires 18 feet of ramp length
36" high stage requires 36 feet of ramp length
It is recommended that there be curbs/edging, of at least 1/2" high, running along each side of the ramp, so Rosemarie doesn't roll off the edge of the ramp.
In some situations, there is not enough room for a ramp to be built to follow these guidelines. An alternative is to provide a lift on the side or back of the stage.
Lectern - Rosemarie does not speak from behind a lectern. If it is necessary for a lectern to be on the stage for other presenters, please have it set to the side of the stage during Rosemarie’s presentation.
Head Table - If the head table is on the stage, please have it set far enough back so Rosemarie can roll around in front of the table. Please have the people at the head table move to reserved seats in the audience so they can also enjoy the presentation.
C - Audio-Visual
Laptop Computer - Rosemarie will be providing a laptop computer ONLY when she is speaking in the Columbus, OH area. She does NOT bring her laptop computer with her on airplanes. She will need the client to provide a laptop computer and a remote control so she can change the slides She will bring two USB flash drives with her PowerPoint program and/or she can send the PowerPoint to the client in advance.
Microphone - Rosemarie prefers to use a wireless lavaliere (clip on, hands free) microphone. This type of microphone clips to her jacket. This enables her to move around freely. Her second choice is a cordless hand held microphone. Also provide a microphone for her introducer.
Screen Size - So the audience will be able to see the slides, the following screen sizes are recommended. In large venues, there will be a need for two screens in the front corners of the stage area.
Audience Size Screen Size
50 - 60 6' x 6'
60 - 150 8' x 8'
150 - 200 10' x 10'
200 - 250 9' x 12'
250 - 500 10-1/2' x 14'
500 - 700 12' x 16'
700 - 1,000 15' x 20'
1,000 - 2,000 18' x 24'

Screen Positioning - If using front-screen projection, place the screen at the front corner (left or right). Avoid putting the screen in the center of the stage, and certainly do not put the screen behind the area on stage where Rosemarie will be speaking.
Monitor - Rosemarie will bring her laptop computer (size -11" X 13" ) and would like it positioned with the screen facing her on stage. It can be on the stage, or on a small table, at the same level as the stage. An alternative is to provide a separate monitor for her to view from the stage and place her laptop elsewhere in the room with the projector.
Remote Control - Rosemarie will bring a radio frequency type remote control that she will use to advance the visuals used in her introduction and in her presentation.
Lighting - Keep the lights dimmed over the screens and the lights bright on the stage. Unscrew light bulbs if needed. Additional light trees may be needed to illuminate Rosemarie so those in the back of the room can see her.
Laptop Audio - For her motivational program "Just Like Riding a Bike," Rosemarie uses music in her introduction which comes from her laptop. She will need you to provide cabling to connect from the house sound system to her 1/8" stereo mini-jack.
Audio/Visual Aids – Rosemarie usually uses visuals for her presentations. Check to see what she is using for your program. If Rosemarie's program does not incorporate visuals, please remove any equipment and/or screens from the platform area. If she is using visuals, she will need you to provide a laptop computer, remote control, LCD projector, screen and may also need cables and assistance to hook the laptop computer into your PA system or LCD projector to amplify music during her introduction.
Handouts - Rosemarie will provide your group a master copy of her handout. Have a copy available for each audience member as they enter, place it on the chair, at their table, or put it in your conference binder.
Evaluation Survey - Rosemarie will bring with her, an evaluation survey for each member of the audience to complete. Make arrangements to collect these completed evaluations so that Rosemarie can take them with her when she leaves. Announce from the stage, before and after Rosemarie's presentation, that the audience should fill them out and turn them in.
D - Audience / Seating Arrangement
Use additional light sources for Rosemarie, so the audience can see her better and are less distracted. Turn off lights above the screen if she is using slides.
Keep the front row as close to the stage as is possibly comfortablesix feet away where possible.
Do not overset the room. If you are planning on 200 people, set the room for 200 (or fewer), not 250. It is better to have every seat taken than large empty spots throughout the audience and an empty front row.
If the room is rectangular, set the stage area in the middle of the long wallnot on the short end. It is better to have an audience wide than deep.
Do not use a center aisle (prime viewing space), rather use two smaller aisles on either side of the center.
Stagger the chairs. Don't put one chair directly behind the other. If you stagger each row, audience members won't have someones head right in front of them to block the view.
Use image magnification where appropriate (ie, projection screens) if Rosemarie is speaking to a large audience.
E - Post-Program Needs
Book Signing Table - After the presentation Rosemarie will go to the back of the room to meet with participants, sign copies of her books and sell books and videos. Provide 2-8 foot tables in the back of the room and a chair.
Lighting - This area should be well lit to allow Rosemarie to autograph books.
Assistant - Rosemarie will require an assistant to coordinate the book signing, taking money for sales and any assistance necessary.
F - Transportation / Lodging
Hotel Arrangements - Hotel room reservations (wheelchair accessible and non-smoking), at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held, are to be secured by you or Rosemarie, guaranteed for late arrival, and should be billed directly to your organization. If it is agreed that you are to secure hotel room reservations on behalf of Rosemarie, the following room accommodations are required, and must be confirmed with the hotel prior to Rosemarie's arrival:
Travel Arrangements - Rosemarie is responsible for arranging air travel arrangements, non-refundable coach fare, round-trip from Columbus, OH.
Ground Transportation - Please arrange ground transportation (to and from the airport) and let our office know who will be meeting Rosemarie or if she should take a cab or hotel shuttle. If needed, she can drive a rental car equipped with hand controls. Rosemarie can transfer into any car or van without assistance. Her wheelchair folds for easy storage.
G - Invoicing
Payment of Fee - A final invoice will be presented following Rosemarie's presentation. Additional travel and per diem expenses will be invoiced after the program.
H - Miscellaneous
Introduction - We will provide you a copy of Rosemarie’s introduction. Please use this to introduce Rosemarie to your group.
Reminder - Audio or video recording of the presentation, in part or whole, by the client for private or other distribution is prohibited and is NOT a part of our agreement. A separate fee quotation for recording is available upon request.

Once you've checked off each of these items, you and Rosemarie can be assured that the details have been taken care of and everything will run smoothly. Now YOU can relax and let Rosemarie do the rest!

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