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Finding Corporate Sponsors

Sponsorship: Tips on Finding, Contacting and Securing Sponsors

Oftentimes, budgets are limiting when planning a conference, meeting or convention. Meeting planners have the option of trimming back on spending the money they have available or they can seek additional funding. Corporate sponsors frequently are located to boost the budget, thus allowing more resources to go towards programming.

Many of Rosemarie’s clients have successfully obtained sponsors for her speaking services. They have told her how surprisingly easy it was to make a few phone calls to selected vendors.

A sponsor is a company or organization that can benefit from having exposure to your association or organization and can channel resources through its marketing budget to your organization. Sponsorship is not a donation! It is important when you ask for sponsorship that you don’t ask for a donation. Sponsorship is not a handout, but rather you should look at it as a handshake, or relationship builder. Sponsorship is an exchange relationship. The sponsor gives you needed funds to put on your program and you provide a valuable marketing opportunity. The exposure that you are giving the sponsor will lead to more business for the sponsor. Sponsorship is a win-win situation! The sponsor receives exposure to their target market and you receive funding for the program!

Identify a sponsor based upon their need to be known and recognized to market their products or services to your group. You should think about using more than one company or organization to co-sponsor a program.

To assist you in locating sponsors to have Rosemarie speak at your conference, here are some suggestions.

1. Know what amount you are requesting and the benefits of sponsorship before making the contact.

2. Make a list of potential sponsors and research information about them.

Brainstorm a list of potential sponsors during your program planning committee meetings. Begin making this list early! It takes time to solicit sponsors. Your best resource for finding sponsors is your own members. Who do members of your organization have a relationship with? Who do the members purchase products and services from? Who supplies your organization with products and services? Look at your current vendors and suppliers. Utilize those relationships. Don’t leave anyone off the list, someone’s realtor or insurance agent, favorite restaurant, local grocer, department store, equipment rental store, spouse’s workplace, local television or radio station, photography studio, just might want to be involved. Don’t say “no” for them; let them say “no” for themselves. Think outside the box. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and ask for their directory of members if you run out of ideas.

Once you have a list of potential contacts, learn about your potential sponsors. Get on the Internet, read annual reports, talk to others who are familiar with the company. Sponsors appreciate you knowing about their company.

In the past, Rosemarie’s clients have been successful in obtaining sponsors to pay her fees from companies such as: insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, banks.

3. Write a script of what you plan to say when making the call, sending the letter, or making the presentation.

Use these questions as a guide, and be ready to answer them in your communication with the potential sponsor. Use this script to guide you when making phone calls and presenting to each of the contacts.

  • Why are they the logical sponsor?
  • Who referred you to them?
  • Who is your organization and what is its purpose?
  • What is the date, time and location of the program?
  • How many people will be exposed to the sponsor?
  • How much money are you requesting?
  • What will the money be used for?
  • What is the nature of the program and conference?
  • Who is Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.? Why was she selected for this program? What impact will she have on this audience? What audience needs are being met by this presentation? How will this presentation improve the quality of your conference?

    Go to this link for her bio:

  • How much value will they be receiving for their investment?
  • What is expected of the sponsor?
  • What do they need to do before the program?
  • What must they bring to the program?
  • What must they do at the program?
  • What exposure, recognition and marketing opportunity will be provided to the sponsor that benefits the sponsor?

Examples of Exposure and Recognition for the Sponsor

  • Listing of company name and logo in the program and registration materials
  • Display signs and banners in the meeting room and registration area
  • Display table for literature or products
  • Exhibit booth space
  • Listing on the organization’s web site
  • Ads in newsletter or publications
  • Distribution of promotional items (Ex. pens, bookmarks, key chains)
  • Company name and logo on all program related materials
  • Attendee mailing list
  • Opportunity to introduce Rosemarie on stage to the audience
  • Their company name and logo on Rosemarie’s handout
  • Opportunity to network with participants
  • Opportunity to speak at the conference
  • Recognition at the program for a representative of the group to stand up in the audience
  • Certificate of participation
  • Mention of sponsorship in press releases

4. Write a letter and/ or phone the sponsor, and visit them.

Personally contact everyone on the potential sponsor list. A phone call will be needed as a follow up to sending a letter. Schedule a meeting with them if possible. Your success rate is highest when you talk to each contact.

It helps if someone in your group has a personal contact first. Utilize this relationship. Ask them to get involved. Practice what you will say on the phone.

Sample letter:


Name and Address of Sponsor:

Dear (Name of Sponsor's Contact Person):

(Organization's name) would like to give you an opportunity to have exposure and recognition at (Name of the program) on (Date of program) being held at (Location of the program). We have selected you to be a sponsor for our keynote speaker, Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. Rosemarie has been selected by our program committee in order to inspire the audience to achieve their goals and take charge of their lives. Her message of hope will touch hearts, lift spirits, and inspire action. You can find out more about her by going to her web site at:

We anticipate that there will be (Number of people attending). This is a great venue for you to have a presence. I believe that your presence as the sponsor of this program sends a message of caring and support for our organization. Clearly this is a unique marketing opportunity for (Name of company or organization). For your investment of (List dollar amount), you will receive the following benefits:

(Listing of exposure, recognition and benefits)

I would appreciate your response to our request by (Date) in order to secure the sponsorship. Contact me at (Phone and E-mail address).

I look forward to your support.


(Your name)
(Your signature)
(Your title)
(Your contact information including phone and E-mail, or print on stationery)

5. Follow up!

Continue to make calls until you receive their answer to your request for sponsorship.

6. Accept the sponsorship funding.

7. Thank your sponsors.

Write letters of thanks to all sponsors. Keep the line of communication open. You may want to contact these sponsors again in the future.

Summary Tips When Working with Potential Sponsors

  • Description: Give a brief description of your program and what you hope to accomplish. What needs do you hope to fill by Rosemarie’s presentation? Give information on Rosemarie and how she will impact the quality of your program.
  • Impact: How many people will be impacted by your program? What will they take away from your program? How will it change their lives?
  • Sponsorship amount: How much money is being requested and how will this money be used?
  • Benefit to company: How will working with your organization directly benefit the company? Describe how the program will be promoted. The company may have advertising space in the program, brochures, or newsletters. Free booth or table space at event to showcase products or services. Attendance at program for X# of company personnel. Distribution of promotional items and networking opportunities.
  • Expectations of company: Will they be introducing the speaker? Will they be providing: a cash donation, printing, postage, meeting space, conference lunches, breakout food, computer usage, audio-visual equipment use, or donation of company products? Think creatively.
  • Company’s expectations of you: Make sure you are clear on what they expect from your organization in exchange for their donation. It is a good idea to have all expectations in writing.
  • Timeline: Make a timeline and follow up on that timeline. Communicate with your sponsor, make sure you do what you say when you said you would do it!
  • Keep good written records: Make sure that you document everything! Don’t just take promises or handshakes. Keep written records and have a method for documentation and storage of documents. It is worth the extra time and effort and your event will run smoother.

Links to Resources on Enlisting Sponsors:

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