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Humor Lessons for Winning the Game of Life

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Program Description: During this program, audience members will focus on the value of humor when dealing with difficult life situations. They will learn strategies to enhance their own sense of humor. This program also focuses on shaping attitude, laughing in spite of adversity, and how we can create our own mirth. Rossetti capitalizes on the time tested formula that people love to laugh while they learn. Her sensitive use of humor provides a balance that enables audiences to retain the core message in this inspiring presentation.

During this program, audience participants take an in-depth look at their Wheel of Life. They determine what action steps are needed to put their lives back into balance and live their lives with renewed conviction. This program also focuses on what motivates people to change their behavior. Participants leave with skills to recognize what they need to change in their lives and how to challenge themselves to make those changes.

The program also identifies five Lessons to Live By:

  • Do something new every day.
  • Focus on a hopeful future, not on self pity.
  • Believe that the impossible just might be possible.
  • Allow more time to get things done and be patient with yourself.
  • To lower your stress, lower your expectations of other people.

Goal: To help people utilize the power of humor as a coping strategy and to make life more rewarding.

Targeted Audiences: This program is designed for employees of corporations and members of organizations, agencies, associations, and youth groups.

Duration of Program: 60-90 minutes. Program can be extended to a half-day workshop.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this program, audience members will be able to…

  1. Shift to a more positive attitude through the use of humor
  2. List the physiological effects of laughter
  3. Recognize the value of a sense of humor
  4. Incorporate more humor in their lives
  5. Identify five Lessons to Live By

Outline of the Program:

  1. Humor Shifts Perspective
  2. Physiological Effects of Laughter
  3. Why Do You Need To Use Your Sense of Humor?
  4. How Can You Find Your Sense of Humor?
  5. Humorous Perspective – Seeing the Funny Side
  6. Lessons to Live By

Multimedia: The presentation is enhanced with animated slides and music, which serve to provide a captivating introduction of Rossetti to the audience and document her life prior to her injury. High quality graphics and slides illustrate the main points and her personal stories. The program powerfully describes what her life was like after her injury. Audiences are better able to retain the core messages in this emotionally powerful presentation.

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