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Make A Difference! Motivational Strategies to Empower Patients for Life

Targeted Audiences: This program is designed for nurses, physical therapists, doctors, occupational therapists, social workers, and recreational therapists.

Duration of Program: 60-90 minutes minimum. Program can be extended to a half-day workshop.

Goal: To assist medical professionals to enhance their patients’ motivation in order to better cope with life changes.

Program Description: It is a challenge for a patient to adjust to the emotional and physical challenges associated with a severe injury or illness. Medical professionals have the ability to create in their patients the desire to change, the confidence to act and the tools to succeed.

They can assist the patient by promoting positive coping strategies and enhance motivation. These strategies can enlighten, empower, and maximize adjustment not only within the acute care setting, rehabilitation, and most importantly throughout the patients’ life span.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this program, the audience members will be able to…

  1. Utilize motivational techniques with their patients, to enhance patient learning and coping skills.
  2. Identify strategies to assist patients in coping with life style changes.
  3. Identify major factors that impact patient motivation.
  4. Positively influence patients’ attitudes about living life with conviction.
  5. Define motivation.
  6. Identify the impact they have in enhancing patient motivation.
  7. Assist patients in identifying realistic goals for their recovery.
  8. Identify approaches as they work with their patients that lead to enhanced patient motivation.
  9. Identify factors that hinder patient adjustment and coping skills
  10. Identify activities that can create an ongoing educational and support system for patients.

Outline of The Program:

  1. Life transformations as a result of injury and illness: life style changes and adjustments to life
  2. The motivational role of the medical professional
  3. Definitions of motivation
  4. Motivation theories
  5. Drives that bring behavior changes
  6. Descriptions of a low motivated patient
  7. Factors that impact patient motivation
  8. How medical professionals can influence patients’ attitudes
  9. Lessons to help live life with conviction
  10. Helping patients set personal goals
  11. Factors that hinder adjustment and coping skills
  12. Strategies to motivate patients

Visual Support: The presentation is enhanced with animated slides and music, which serve to document Rossetti's life prior to her injury and serve as a part of her introduction to the audience. Graphics and slides also illustrate the main points and stories that are the focus of her remarks. These high quality visuals serve to reinforce her message, teach and powerfully describe what her life was like after her injury. Audiences are better able to retain the core messages in this emotionally powerful presentation.

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