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Selling Disability Income Insurance with Conviction

"If Rosemarie Rossetti can't convince you to get or update your disability and health insurance policies, it's likely no one can."
Small Business News, July 2001

Targeted Audiences: This training session is custom designed for insurance professionals and financial planners.

Duration of Program: 60-90 minutes minimum. Program can be extended to a half-day workshop.

Goal: To assist insurance professionals in selling disability income insurance.

Program Description:This keynote is an explosive, hard hitting, emotionally penetrating presentation that explains the value of disability income insurance. Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. was paralyzed from the waist down while riding her bicycle when a 3.5-ton tree crushed her. More than a motivational story about her comeback, this presentation equips insurance professionals with valuable tools and practical sales advice to close more disability insurance business.

Rossetti credits her bicycle helmet for helping to save her life. She credits her disability income insurance for maintaining her financial security and helping her to get back on her feet again.

In her dramatic presentation, she shares the intimate details of how her life was drastically changed after her injury. She also shares how her life was buoyed by disability insurance. Her unique point of view demonstrates the reality of a disability and the benefit of disability insurance. Her story alone is a selling point for disability income insurance.

The main focus is to better equip insurance professionals to sell more disability income insurance. She helps her audience recognize that personal crisis can come at any time and impact financial stability. Her powerful message and keen insights clearly show the value of disability income insurance through her case study. Rossetti’s testimonial on the value of disability insurance is both powerful and inspirational, delivered with conviction.

This content rich program is laden with wisdom and laced with humor. It contains factual information about the likelihood of a disability, as well as the costs associated with a disability throughout a lifetime.

The presentation is supported with photos to illustrate her key points, graphics to present statistics, and sales strategies to motivate. These high quality visuals serve to reinforce her message, teach, help in audience retention, and powerfully describe what her life was like after her injury.

The information and practical advice she presents can be applied immediately by insurance professionals in order to sell more DI policies.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this program, the audience members will be able to . . .

  1. Recognize that personal crisis can come at any time, and can impact financial stability.
  2. Trace the history of disability income insurance.
  3. Cite statistics related to the likelihood of being disabled.
  4. Identify the costs associated with being disabled.
  5. Describe the consequences of being disabled and its effects on individuals, families, businesses, and society.
  6. Recognize the limitations in Social Security Disability Insurance.
  7. Identify the value of disability income insurance to the family of those insured.
  8. Recognize the legal liabilities an insurance professional faces in presenting disability income insurance to prospects.
  9. Put more effort and conviction into their sales efforts and close more disability income insurance business.

Outline of the Program:

  1. History of Disability Income Insurance
  2. The Facts about Disability Income Insurance
  3. The Likelihood of a Disability — National Statistics
  4. The Cost of a Disability
  5. Consequences of a Disability
  6. Social Security Disability Insurance
  7. The Value of Disability Income Insurance
  8. Your Liability as a Financial Planner
  9. Key Points to Remember About Disability Income Insurance
  10. Tips to Increase the Sale of Disability Income Insurance

Visual Support: The presentation is enhanced with animated slides and music, which serve to document Rossetti's life prior to her injury and serve as a part of her introduction to the audience. Graphics and slides also illustrate the main points and stories that are the focus of her remarks. These high quality visuals serve to reinforce her message, teach and powerfully describe what her life was like after her injury. Audiences are better able to retain the core messages in this emotionally powerful presentation.

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