Million Dollar Round Table
Joel Kettler, Financial Professional

"On behalf of the 2008 Million Dollar Round Table speaker host committee, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your active participation in and contributions to our most recent annual meeting in Toronto, Canada. On a personal note, I wish to tell you that your presentation was truly among the most professional, emotional, and inspirational in all my 21 years involvement within the MDRT organization. Your motivation and dedication in addressing your personally challenging life event 10 years ago was an inspiration and wake up call to those of us in the professional financial services arena to better inform and serve our clients and loved ones. Your emotional, candid and highly informative talk was well received, well attended, and appreciated by the MDRT members fortunate enough to have chosen to learn more about your presentation topic."

Mike Tomlinson, State Sales Coordinator, North and South Dakota

"I would highly recommend Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., President, Rossetti Enterprises Inc. as a speaker and trainer on the subject of disability insurance to any organization interested in increasing short-term disability insurance sales. I have served as the State Sales Coordinator for Aflac's North and South Dakota sales organization. We have approximately 250 career associates and 200 independent agents to serve about $65 million of Aflac premiums. We had Rosemarie speak at our 2008 Kick-Off Meeting. She did an excellent job of relating to our associates and coordinators and spoke from her personal experiences and professional credentials. Rosemarie did the most comprehensive job of learning about Aflac and integrating Aflac into her presentation of the host of professional speakers and trainers I have hired over my 18 years as an SSC. The evaluations from our group rated her a 5.0 on a scale of 1 - 5! I am happy to report that in just the first few weeks following Rosemarie's presentation at our State Meeting on February 2nd our short-term disability sales have increased from 11.7% of our total sales (in 2007) to 15.3% of our total sales. I am confident that we will continue to see increases throughout 2008."

Munich American Reassurance Company
Glenn Hemphill

"I have known Rosemarie for just over 9 months. In my capacity as Assistant Vice President at Munich American Reassurance Company in Atlanta Georgia I had the opportunity request that Rosemarie speak at our Disability Income / Long-Term Care Conference here in Atlanta Georgia on April 23, 2004. Seldom have I encountered someone as straight forward and open in her style of speaking as Rosemarie. I have a number of testimonials from clients and customers that will support the facts. In fact, one client personally thanked me for Rosemarie's presentation and he has since requested her services to speak to agents that work for his company. If you are looking for someone who you will be proud of, I would whole heartily like to recommend Rosemarie to speak at your function, conference or gathering. She has the uncanny knack of touching people in ways that can't be described in words. I am member of that honored club. As a matter of fact Rosemarie is so hot that you would do well to select her right away. I am truly honored to say that I know her."

YMCA of the USA
Jim Weaton, Interim Director

"First, Dr.Rossetti went to great lengths to learn about her audience and the organization. Second, she was very accessible and thorough throughout the planning process as well as eager to connect with participants prior to her presentation. She led two small group sessions before her keynote. Third, her story is touching, powerful and relevant to anyone who has ever faced a personal challenge. Her delivery style captivated the audience and kept listeners engaged throughout the presentation. Dr. Rossetti puts into perspective the power of the human spirit within each of us urging others to look within themselves for strength and rely on it when facing challenges in their lives. By simply being herself and sharing her story she is an inspiration. The world is full of people who are speakers but short on speakers who inspire in the way that Dr. Rossetti does. We highly recommend Dr. Rossetti as a speaker."

Susan Ketterman, North American Vice President for Human Resources

"Rosemarie is a gifted communicator and presenter. Her presentation was versatile in that she used a variety of media in its delivery. As her story unfolded, the audience became more and more intrigued and energized by her enthusiasm and strength. Her message came across loud and strong-any mission is possible through courage and conviction. The motivational strategies that she provided were uplifting and valuable from both a business and personal standpoint. As in business and life-change is inevitable and "Just Like Riding a Bike" gave new meaning on how to adapt. Rosemarie is a real professional as can be evidenced by the excellent meeting evaluations that we received."

The Ohio State University
Jim Tressel, Former Head Football Coach

Please accept this enthusiastic recommendation on behalf of Rosemarie Rossetti as a motivational speaker extraordinaire! Rosemarie addressed The Ohio State University Football Family of some 125 players and coaches, and had us spell-bound for sixty minutes. Her message, "Just Like Riding a Bike", was tremendous. She tailored her presentation to our audience with extensive research and conveyed the message of handling adversity as well as I have ever heard! Rosemarie has an inclusive style delivered with force and grace. Our young people were on the edges of their seats the entire time. It will be an evening we will never forget, and one that truly affected lives. I would recommend Rosemarie to any group and promise that she will make a difference to every person in the audience! Rosemarie Rossetti is special!