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Rosemarie's Personal Essay Included in Jim Tressel's Book,
The Winner's Manual: For the Game of Life

The Winner's Manual by Jim Tressel, Head Coach of The Ohio State University Buckeyes football team
The head coach of The Ohio State University Buckeyes football team, Jim Tressel, has included one of Rosemarie's essays, "Focus on a Hopeful Future" in his book, The Winners Manual: For the Game of Life.

The book also includes Tressel's story about Rosemarie speaking to the team on August 22, 2005. Tyson Gentry, a punter and wide receiver, was in the audience. At the end of her talk, she gave each member of the audience a sheet of construction paper and asked everyone to write a card of encouragement to a patient who had just sustained a spinal cord injury. The following April, Gentry sustained a spinal cord injury during football practice and received his own card when he woke from surgery.

This book focuses on Tressel’s “Big Ten” fundamentals for success. It was modeled after the 400 page manual that he provides each of his players. The book is full of quotes, anecdotes, directives and advice from others. It’s an inspiring blend of football stories, spiritual insights, motivational reading, and practical application. The Winners Manual provides an inside look at the core philosophy that has affected the lives of thousands of student athletes in a positive way, and served as the foundation for two of the most successful college football programs ever. This book offers a rare glimpse into the mind of Jim Tressel.

Rossetti Helps Promote National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

Rosemarie appeared on the field at halftime at the Penn State - Ohio State University football game with PSU's Adam Taliaferro and OSU's Tyson Gentry on September 23, 2006.

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The Rosemarie Rossetti Spinal Cord Injury Fund

Rosemarie Rossetti started this fund in July 2001 in order to advance the cure for spinal cord injuries.

Funding is directed to Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Hospital at The Ohio State University Medical Center. The hospital performs innovative research, and provides state-of-the-art medical treatment for people with spinal cord injuries.

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