Sometimes things hit you unexpectedly. You have no time to catch your breath. Life is filled with uncertainties. Rosemarie knows from experience how to rebound from a tragedy and can help you live with uncertainty and rebound quicker when faced with a setback.

After a life changing event, this survivor, and fighter has become a model of courage. On June 13, 1998 she was left paralyzed when an 80’ tree fell on her while she was riding her bicycle. In her keynote speeches, Rosemarie shares the lessons she has learned and demonstrates how to live life with conviction. She offers tangible ways to deal with the challenges of life through humor, motivating spirit and personal experience.

Rosemarie is a compelling speaker who transformed her tragic experiences into life lessons. Through her keynote presentations, she helps her audiences discover their inner strength. Her core message is focused on success strategies and life lessons that provide the tools to LIVE LIFE WITH CONVICTION.

Rosemarie delivers presentations that bring out the best in people, to help them achieve goals and take charge of their lives. Audiences leave her presentations with more hope, courage, happiness and opportunities.

What A Standing Ovation Looks Like On Paper

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"Rosemarie's analysis of a major life event provides poignant lessons for everyone in so few pages. Rosemarie has captured much of the wisdom of the ancients. She offers clear application for readers to reclaim their own lives. Every reader will benefit from Rosemarie's crisp distillation of life lessons learned." — L.H. Newcomb

September 2009
How to Convey the Value of DI
Agent's Sales Journal - September 2009

Rosemarie shares her perspective and tips on selling DI more effectively.

Summer 2009
Rosemarie Turns Adversity into Opportunity
Pure Inspiration - Summer 2009

Writer Barbara Stahura digs into the lives of Rosemarie and her husband Mark.

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March 2009
The Resiliency Factors
Octane Magazine - March 2009

Rosemarie outlines ways to bounce back from adversity.

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